You have seen our pre press department where pages arrive in a variety of formats. Digital files (PDF, TIFF, QXD, etc.) come in through high-speed data lines, are imposed, RIP'd, proofed, if necessary, and output directly to plate. Paste-ups are shot to film, stripped and burned to plate.

You have seen our presses. You have seen four press lines with color capacity that far exceeds most of our competitors. These lines are designed to optimize quality from their 4-high vertical layout to the WPC registration systems.

You have seen our UV press. This is a press that is new and very unique. It used to be that if you wanted to print on coated (glossy) paper on a web press you had to go to a heat set printer. It meant high cost, the environmental impact of drying ink in gas ovens and it was cost prohibitive for small runs. The world is changing and BINP has one of the first cold web UV presses in the nation.

You have seen our bindery, inserting area and mailroom. Our post press department gives us the ability to handle your project from start to finish. These services are provided under one roof. There is no outsourcing. We are solely responsible for the quality of our work and we stand behind it.

If you took a physical tour of our facility one of your observations might be that there is a lot of idle equipment. The Rice family believes in redundant systems as we take deadlines very seriously. Every piece of equipment has a back up.

You would walk by the 500kw generator and think to yourself "What happens at printer XYZ when the power goes out?" We don't know that answer and you won't need to find out.

One question that comes up frequently is what happens when a customer is late with copy? Do we bump them off press because we have to put our own publications on? The answer is no. We don't publish any products of our own. We are a commercial printer serving only the needs of our clients. Remember too that our presses are set up with the same 22" cut off so we have the flexibility to move jobs from press to press.

If you looked at our location from a logistics perspective you would notice that we are within one mile of I-57, I-294, I-80 and I-94. Distribution to any point from BINP is easy.

All things considered, isn't it worth your time to pay us a visit or a call? It could be the start of a tremendous partnership.

Blue Island Newspaper Printing
262 W 147th St
Harvey, IL 60426

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Telephone: 708-333-1006
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Goss Community presses (60+ units in 4 press lines)

Single web width to print virtually any size product

UV cold web press line for enamel products

Exceptional color capability

Wide format proofing

WPC automatic registration systems

24-hour pressroom

Quick turn times

T1 access

FTP server on site

Ad design/pagination services

Full bindery

Inserting services

Inkjet mailing (VideoJet)

Mail list management services

Quality throughout

Competitive pricing

Located within one mile of I-57, I-294, I-80 and I-94.